In the early days of the 21st century, Gretha Rose, the president of Cellar Door Productions, approached animator Sean Scott and proposed a grand undertaking. She intended to produce a series of animated shorts and wanted him to develop it, based on a simple idea: Creativity.

This concept appealed to Mr. Scott, and he set about coming up with just such a show.

The result was Doodlez. Its pilot episode, Genesis, was written and animated entirely by Mr. Scott himself, and became the basis for all of the episodes which followed.

The show was picked up by TeleTOON, and Trapeze Animation Studios was brought on as a partner to produce and animate the series. Doodlez’ first season produced in 2002 was made up of 11 2-minute episodes, all written and directed by Sean Scott.

These eleven episodes were also aired as a half-hour special, which subsequently won the 2003 Gemini Award for Best Animated Program or Series.

The show was then picked up for a second season and an additional 39 2-minute episodes were produced. Though Mr. Scott still contributed scripts and storyboards, the second season was helmed by director D. Campbell MacKinlay, who had been a lead animator with Trapeze on the original run of the show. The second series was a co-production between Cellar Door Productions and Trapeze Animation Studios.

The second season won the 2004 Gemini Award for Best Animated Program or Series.

In 2007, the Trapeze team began production on a new series of Doodlez shorts, to be distributed exclusively on the internet, and the new website you see here, home to all things Doodlez. Most importantly, work has commenced on an exciting new half-hour Doodlez series, the next step in bringing Dood to the clamoring masses.

Meanwhile, the first 50 shorts are now broadcast in more than 80 countries around the globe, where they are airing in constant rotation.